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    Jun 13 th, 2017
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    Having gone through high school and college in the last decade, I have seen a lot of people in the same class or same school in relationships. Sometimes it’s mostly because of the pressure from peers that people try dating their fellow students, sometimes it is just because everyone else is doing it. I remember especially in college, almost everyone was in a relationship. It was a time in life where it was all about academic life, social life, and fashion life. You did not have bills to pay or a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Some relationships started out as “study partnerships” or my “study partner” and later down the road became hangouts and the rest is history. Others strictly wanted homework help or a group discussion where they could benefit from the sharing what they had learned in class and expound on it.

    Either way, people are always asking if the relationships that bud in high school or college can last beyond the lifetime of high school or college. I must say that I had my own doubts that they can or could, but I have seen high school sweethearts marry, the same to those I met in college. There is no one size fits all for this question, since a lot of factors come into play. However, it would be nice if they not only combined forces to make the relationship work but also joined forces in class work. High school and college years are an exciting time in everyone’s life, trying to enjoy life the most, but for those in relationships at this stage, the question to ask yourself would be, “do I see myself spending the rest of my life with my partner?” If not then unless you are dating casually or just for fun, the relationship should be terminated. As harsh as that sounds, the sooner it is done, the better for the both of you. Someone is bound to be hurt in the future if things persist. I also feel that being committed in high school is too early. You literally have your entire life ahead of you!!  
    The same way some people believe that dating a workmate will not work is the same way some people think that dating a classmate will never work. The main reason according to me is the fact that people need time alone or some space. People are wired differently and have their own preferences, what is your cup of coffee is not the same for another person. Things are never black and white when it comes to this question.